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Offices of the Future

Even before the pandemic, office trends were beginning to change. Technology has allowed us to work remotely through virtual meetings instead of in person or face to face, due to the quarantine. Now with the Pandemic, it has increased the need and desire for alternatives for the traditional office set up.

Because of technology, we are seeing more relocations from Urban cores. Workers are able to relocate to communities that fit their personal preferences and enhance their quality of life, while also retaining the benefits of their Urban compensation. But the pandemic has made clear that working from home is not beneficial long-term. Individuals are able to reap the benefits in their personal and social lives, but are experiencing a void in their professional lives. They are missing the comradery and collaborating of working in an office environment with similar professionals. The solitude of working alone is the issue.

We think the offices of the future will be what we call “Collaborative Offices”, which are offices of similar industries cohabitating. We believe individuals will appreciate and benefit from interacting with similar working professionals, and that it will create tremendous innovation. These satellite offices may start appearing at locations that are complimentary to their industries. We also think these will pop up in: University towns that produce quality graduates for their industries, around research institutes that are integral to their industries, and companies who are just wanting to have a physical presence in a part of the country they are not currently in to assist in new customer acquisitions.

Ultimately, we believe the offices of the future will be based on outcomes and efficiency. The future offices are going to be ones that create spaces that enhance whatever goal it is that you or your business have. These spaces will spark creativity and collaboration and will give individuals a purpose for office space.

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